Moose are Hyndburn's New Business of the Year 2016

Moose are delighted to have been voted as:

Hyndburn’s New Business of the Year 2016

It was amazing even to be nominated, let alone win especially as we didn’t nominate ourselves.

We were also shortlisted for the prestigious Stonehouse Logic Award for the Borough’s top businesses.  We are truly inspired to work even harder now to shape Moose into a business everyone can be proud of.  Thankyou Hyndburn for thinking of us, thank you to the Award sponsor the Hyndburn Enterprise Trust and to the event organisers The Hyndburn Business Awards

We had a great evening (see below) the prosecco flowed but now we are back & fully switched on for you & your business. Have a nosey around our website & feel free to contact us if you feel we can help you and your businesses social media.

01200 400 121 & don’t forget to follow us on social media too!


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Social Media That Gets Results!

Bruce Lee said:

“‎The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.”

At Moose we aren’t warriors, we are average men & women.  We are successful because we help focus your social media on achieving your business goals.  We are master strategists (ask our clients) and understand how social media can help your business leverage so much more than a few more followers or indeed cat pictures!!

Welcome To Moose Media Management

Searching for social media – advice, advocacy, analysis, audits, campaigns, consultancy, evaluation, marketing, management, monitoring, speakers, strategy, training?


Looking for support with your organisation’s Social Media?


Want some training on social media platforms or to unleash the social power of your workforce?


Do you have a Social Media emergency?


Want someone to take Social Media out of your hands & work magic with it?

Not quite sure what you need, but know you need some input around social media? Give us a ring right now and let’s talk it through 01200 400 121

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You might have gathered we are social nuts at Moose.  But when we get creative for ourselves we tend to post first on Instagram.  Our content here isn’t the most regular or up-to-date, it’s not always the most pertinent to your business or social media but it’s where we try out new stuff, creative stuff & just try to share things that we love! We’d love it if you’d follow us here & across our networks.  We believe in the maxim:

“More social, less media!”

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What makes us different?

Moose Media Management are Social Media Experts. We are creative & energetic but what sets us apart are our accrued professional & life skills

We Listen

We feel the best way to achieve the best possible results for your organisation is to understand it & your customers. So we listen to you & what your needs are, but we also monitor what your customers say too!

We Understand Business

We know that you need a Return on Your Investment. We are happy to deliver that ROI for you, over & over again.

Strategic Thinking

We are creative at Moose but we are focused too. We have a wealth of experience in creating bespoke, workable, collaborative strategies to inform our approach & significantly increase your chances of a success. We work strategically to ensure your social media output is aligned to your business goals.


The irony of social media is that it often seems as if it shelters people behind their screens & phones, connecting with the world ‘out-there’ & not with the world in front of them. Moose is here to help your organisation connect with that ‘world out there’ but not at the expense of true relationships. We are sociable, approachable people, we aren’t flakes, we are Moose, so solid you can hang us on your wall!! Don’t believe us? Give us a call today on 01200 400 121, we’d love to chat & see where we can help.

Access to Data

We love data at Moose. We know that makes us a bit geeky. But we think once we show you what we can do & what it does for your organisation then you will love it too (just a little bit).







  • advice
  • advocacy
  • analysis
  • audits
  • campaigns
  • consultancy
  • evaluation
  • marketing
  • management
  • monitoring
  • speakers
  • strategy
  • training

Managing, Monitoring, Measuring

From Start-up to FTSE 100

You need to know who is talking about your organisation and your products!

We can give you that insight. Whether you are a start-up or a FTSE 100 company we have access to all the social insight you will ever need. We can track your company or product on Facebook through every comment, share or like on EVERY page. We can source every Tweet since Jack Dorsey sent the very first one “Just setting up my Twitter” in March 2006. What is more we can give you powerful strategic insight with that data. We combine that data with experience, intuition, intelligence & judgement to provide you with genuine insight into your company’s online experience. We’d love to show your business the power your social media presence can really have.

Our Mission Statement

“Honest and meaningful conversations enable participation in all communities, they build trust and ultimately help create better products, services and experiences. Moose Media Management strive to generate & facilitate meaningful online conversations that reward both a business and the customer”

Our Values

  • We are sociable, we believe in the power of conversation. People matter to us, so we listen to them.
  • We believe in enabling & empowering our customers with the skills to deliver exceptional results through social media
  • We focus on developing great engaging content
  • We want our customers AND your customers to be thrilled & amazed
  • We think criticism provides Opportunities.
  • We can successfully manage & improve reputations because we listen before we act.

A Word From Our Clients…

If like me you were pulled in to the world of social media and spent too much time there, Graham and Sarah will show you how less time can produce more interaction.

Thank you so much for your assessment of my social media presence, my tailored social media strategy and training and support to move forward. The assessment informed me of some things I did know, but many that I didn’t.  My social media strategy is my reference document to remind me of objectives and as time allows, implement actions.  The training and support introduced me to new tools and tactics and answered my questions.

Vivienne Pascoe

Owner, Access-Enable

Moose practice what they preach! Graham was a genuine advocate for me and my role in supporting my organisation through social media.

The results of Moose Media Management’s approach shows that empowering staff to take control of social media is crucial in a business. Working with the Moose team enabled me to understand that all staff can be supported to find their voice on social media to promote the company in which they work, and it can be used to create amazing results!

Steph Houghton

Marketing Administrator

At last someone who can explain Facebook and Twitter in an easy to understand way!

I had a wonderful training session with Moose Media Management and for the first time feel that I know what I’m doing on Facebook and Twitter. I am motivated and energised and can’t wait to sit down and boost my posts, increase  my likes and my friends. Thank you for making it simple and the training comprehensive but easy to follow. I would highly recommend this company to those looking to make the most of social media.

Pam McCann

Communications and Marketing Manager, Laserase Bolton

We have been working with Moose Media Management for several months now. They have really helped us to grasp the complex world of social media.

They have raised our profile and boosting our followers in ways we wouldn’t have thought of.  During the summer they ran a 31 day campaign for us, creating some fab posts and ingenious ways of getting our messages out to existing clients and many new ones. As well as giving us some clear guidance on promoting our business on the web and linking together all the different elements we were trying to manage, giving us a more professional profile. Graham is very approachable, friendly and has a good sense of humour, something he certainly needed working with us! But has a good business management understanding and knowledge. Full of fresh and new ideas, he tirelessly answers all our never ending stream of questions (without laughing at us!) providing us with good clear direction on taking our business forward in the world of complex world of social media. Claire Waterhouse

Director, Child Seat Safety Ltd.

Moose’s Social Media audit was so eye-opening and educational.

It gave us a real insight into just how important media management & strategy will be for us as a company going forward. Clear and concise – It has certainly helped us cement a plan for the future and consider exactly how Social Media can increase the success of our business Nicola Mills

Owner, Mrs Mills Yurts

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