So What Can Moose Actually Do for My Business?

At Moose we think the best way to show you what we can do for your business is to actually do it!! 

Second best though is showing you what we have done for others.  So here is a case study highlighting the work we have done with Child Seat Safety Ltd over the last few months.

Child Seat Safety Ltd

“Working with Moose Media Management significantly improved our Social Media presence.  We have grown followers across all platforms but significantly our followers engage with us.  As a result not only are our safety advice messages seen by a much wider audience but our improved social media offering has directly lead to improved take-up of our courses.

Claire Waterhouse Director of Child Seat Safety

Julie Dagnall is also a Director of Child Seat Safety Ltd she says:

We have been working with Moose Media Management for a while now & things have gone from strength to strength.

I think when we approached Graham at Moose we weren’t 100% clear as to where social media could add significant value to us as a business.  As a small business we knew we wanted to improve our online presence, but didn’t think we had the skills or time to do it.  I suppose this was our starting point, nothing overly ambitious.  Things have changed. 

An Image from the Child Seat Safety Summer Campaign designed by Moose

An image from the Child Seat Safety Summer Campaign designed by Moose

We now get large organisations in our field that contact us directly to see if we can support their initiative through our channels.  Sometimes we can, sometimes we aren’t able to & maintain our impartiality, so we don’t.  However, I think the very fact that PR & marketing teams call us for help, is indicative of what Moose have done in a short space of time.

Graham took the time to get to know our business & understand it.  He even did our main car seat advisors course.  From there he helped us develop a social media strategy that has informed what we do going forward.  Moose helped develop our brand, delivered a full social media campaign across August with amazing visual posts that got people interacting with them. They have been on hand to respond in a timely manner to enquiries & generally show the professional outlook that one would expect from a much larger organisation. 

We are now getting scores of enquiries about our courses as a result of visuals, campaigns & links Moose have designed & posted for us.  They have involved us in all major strategic decisions but they are also experienced enough to trust with responsive actions on social media that benefit our business.  Graham has so much high level customer engagement experience that we know we are in good hands.

Julie Dagnall

At Note from Moose:

Claire & Julie have kindly agreed to let us show you some numbers that demonstrate the impact we have had on Child Seat Safety’s Social Media profile & beyond.  We collect loads & loads of data when we manage your social media accounts & to be honest that is between our client’s & us, because we utilise it to inform strategies going forward.  However, with permission, below is just a brief snapshot of what happened to Child Seat Safety’s Twitter profile when we came on board, it is indicative of what happened across their other profiles also.  We hope it gives you just a brief insight into what we do.

Twitter Take off for Child Seat Safety

Twitter Take off for Child Seat Safety

Just to note:  All the data has been taken from Twitter Analytics, a free integrated service from Twitter that is available to anyone with an account.  We have changed some of the terminology to make it more transparent what the data actually shows.

Child Seat Safety Ltd are a fantastic organisation.  As a parent of two young children my ultimate priority is keeping them safe.  Claire & Julie have the knowledge & experience to help parents through the minefield of car seat safety.  Not only that their car seat courses will literally help save lives.  By sharing their knowledge with road safety professionals & retailers, more & more parents will be fitting their children’s seats correctly & keeping them just that bit safer.  I am proud that Moose is involved with the @carseatladies & can help them just a little bit.  GC.

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