Are SME’s Feeling the Pressure with Social Media?

A quick introduction before we let Sam loose on you…

Moose provide a range of social media services for companies of all shapes & sizes, from: start-up micro-businesses that want some training to help them get started on social media; through maturing SME’s that need their social media working more effectively for their business; to Multinational corporations that are establishing advocacy programs to widen their reach & legitimacy on social media.

Over the upcoming months Moose are going to utilise our blogspace to explore some of the social media issues affecting a whole range of businesses. We will uncover different ‘pressure points’ & what can be done to remove some barriers, make processes more efficient, output more engaging, returns more transparent and ultimately relieve some of the stress of social, so it can start working for you & your business much more effectively. GC

Rather than just speak Moose too you, we want to celebrate some of the experts we interact with on a day to day basis. We will use guest bloggers, video blogs, infographics, whatever means necessary, to help you get what you need.

If you would like to contribute get in touch on the details below, but as with everyone else we urge you to SHARE the love & let the Moose loose!

So, let us introduce you to Sam…

Sam Says is a person, called Sam, who write’s stuff. A freelance content writer and social media nerd with a passion for writing words and turning content into a proper good read.

Sam of all trades, master of none. This well known saying (although slightly adjusted) seems rather spot on when it comes to explaining who I am and what I do. I’ve run for Cheshire in Cross Country, thrown for the County in Javelin and been a high level gymnast since I was 6. Then I move onto my adult life where I’m a pretty good sales manager, run all of the social media channels, dabble into the world of accounts every now and then and of course, the odd blog or two. I’m almost sure I’ve thought about being a paramedic, vet, web designer and – sod it – why not throw in the potential chance of being a plasterer?!

(Sam’s bio demonstrates she is a good fit to guest blog for us here at Moose. Our MD @Moosediver describes himself as a dilettante.  In short we like people who have had wide life experiences.  It usually makes them more interesting to read) Ed[/author_info] [/author]

What are your Social Media Pressure Points?

Sam McGowan (Sam Says)

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We’re all over social media, all of us. Even our grandparents who will write their own Facebook status to reply to a message are warming to the idea…but how warm are you to the idea of using social media for your business? Maybe you are using Facebook, a bit of Twitter and Linkedin every now and then to promote your services but not everyone is sold on whether it works or not. Digital Marketing has gone nuts and it’s everywhere, but to keep up with it, you need to be doing it right. There’s a few obvious reasons why it may not be working for you just yet. To give you a helping hand, Moose Media has put together 5 objections to social media we can help you overcome and which may just make social media WORK for you.

Do you have to enter a zen trance to manage your business' social media

Do you enter a zen trance to manage your business’ social media

Haven’t Got The Time?

Don’t sweat it, this is something you can easily overcome, thanks to all of the social media management systems that will save you a bunch of time. Utilising a social media management system allows you to schedule all of your social media posts in one place so there’s no need to log in and out of your social media channels and waste valuable time. If you’re not sure where to start, try Hootsuite, Buffer or Agorapulse and see which system you feel ‘at one’ with, but these systems are guaranteed to save you the time you’ve been worried about wasting.

Haven’t Got a Clue?

Well that’s okay too, social media crept up on everyone and not everyone has had the time or resources to get clued up on how to use it. It’s one thing knowing how to use Facebook to chat to your family and friends but using it for business is a completely different ball game. Social Media training can be found everywhere, with fab resources and blogs such as Hubspot’s 41 Resources for Beginners’ or Moz’s ‘Free Beginner Guide’. There’s plenty out there for you to get your teeth stuck into. If you’re looking for something a bit more hands on, you can be trained by the experts with Moose Media’s Social Media Training Services which are bound to give you the running start you need.

I’m Not Gaining Anything?

Doing the social media Foxtrot? Not sure which way is forward?

Doing the social media Foxtrot? Not sure which way is forward?

First of all, are you tracking what goes on behind your social media doors? It’s all good posting, tweeting and blogging about your business but what happens next? How do you know whether or not it’s working? This is where measuring and monitoring metrics, analytics and stats come in so you can see which posts have proven popular, who’s clicking on them and what times work best for your activity. There’s plenty of resources and blogs on the subject including 19 Free Social Media Analytics Tools’ or you can leave the monitoring to the pro’s and use Moose Media’s Social Media Management & Consultancy Services…so you don’t have to.

Nothing’s Happening?

So you’re posting on a regular basis, you’re scheduling, analysing and more, but you’re not seeing much of a response. The great thing about social media is there’s literally tonnes of stuff you can do to help the growth of your online presence. There are plenty of social media guru’s (be wary of anyone that calls themselves a “Guru” – the one thing you know

you are getting with Moose is a down to earth approach.  A Moose, is a Moose, is a Moose – ED) out there who can help you with the management of your channels and get it growing. Social Media needs a strategy, a plan, targets and many more for it to really work so get some help. You can use content generation platforms to create engaging and interactive content that will get your audience involved. Invest a little with paid Facebook Ads, a vital marketing tool which will allow your audience reach to expand, giving you a wider target audience and spreading the word of your business.

What Next?

Where is everybody?

Where is everybody?

You’ve been doing all of this social media malarkey and you’re doing okay, a few likes here and there and the odd comment, but what next? Have a chat with a pro, they really are quite useful. A social media expert can save you time, hassle and avoid you going through all of the trials and errors for you to reach your goal. I know Moose set great store by Employee Advocacy and it’s power to increase your company’s social reach and help grow sales leads. Employee Advocacy basically means ‘getting your employees involved’. Now this doesn’t mean giving all of your employees the controls over your social media channels but their combined online reach will usually be greater than that of your company’s channels and they will provide a personal face for your brand. Give them a reason to share your posts and broaden the scope for who’s seeing your content and this can prove far more successful for growth than any social tools highlighted elsewhere.

Go on, give it a go and watch your Social Media flourish.

Carrier Pigeon

If you want to know more about any of the pressure points highlighted by Sam above then please get in touch.

Use social media, email us:, call us on: 01200 400 121 or send us a pigeon – we’re Northerners we know exactly how to look after & deal with such vessels!

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