007 Reasons Why Moose Should Be The Next Bond

Why Bond Provides the Perfect Skill Sets for Your Social Media?

By Sarah Bennett (Director Moose Media Management)


Now that it looks like Daniel Craig has had his last Martini, there’s a vacancy to be filled. Could it be the gorgeous Idris Elba? Or, Old-Etonian Damian Lewis? How about the sexy Tom Hardy, or even Poldark himself, Aidan Turner? No, the next Bond is our very own Moose.

Can Moose really become the next Bond?

Can Moose really become the next Bond?

Here’s 007 reasons why:

He’s Awesome In A Crisis

Social media can be fantastic for your business but let’s be honest, it can go horribly wrong. What happens if your business has harmful reviews published online? How should you react if you’re the victim of an unfair, viral Facebook post or a tirade on Twitter?

If you have a social media emergency, Moose can help. We can get your company back on track. Our MD deals with every social media crisis directly. He uses his many years’ experience of conflict resolution management, as well as his skills in assessing reputational risks to help you turn things around.

Moose has paid a visit to ” Q’s” laboratory & has the tools to tell you what is being said about you or your company online and whether this has a positive or negative impact on your business.

He Loves His Gadgets

Whether you have an established social media presence, or whether you’re completely new to it, Moose will always add measurable value to your marketing.

Moose uses cutting-edge, online tools to help your business succeed on social media. What are they? Well, we can’t tell you that or we’d have to kill you…… Seriously, we give every client bespoke treatment. Whether it’s strategy, management or training, we will give you exactly what you need to reach your goals.

Our Moose Bond Plays well with others!

Our Moose Bond Plays well with others!

Works Well In A Team

When not jetting around the world on top-secret missions, Moose is a team player. We don’t do this on our own.  We need help to succeed, your help.  If you welcome Moose into your organisation, you’ll soon realise that getting to know you and your business is where we always start. If Moose manages your social media, Moose will become part of your team. We handle our responsibility as your “online voice” with great care.  Everything we do is with your business and its core values at the heart.

Highly Trained

Moose offers the only CPD-accredited social media course in the UK. We take our training very seriously. That doesn’t mean that there’s no fun. We provide one-to-one training, small group and beyond. We’ll come to you, or you come to us.

Our training gives you the tools to make the most of your social media. We recognise that not everyone is at the same stage of the social media journey. From complete beginners to those who are needing to fine-tune their skills, we have a solution for you. Moose doesn’t just walk away at the end either. We’re always at the end of the phone, email or even send us a tweet. We also offer a retainer service where we’ll keep an eye on your social media with you, for as long as you need us.

Moose: Never shaken when stirred.

Moose: Never shaken when stirred.

Moose Likes A Good Cocktail

Imagine Moose Bond stood at the bar. He’s going to ask for a Martini, “shaken not stirred,” as you know.  Moose recognises that Martini isn’t for everyone. Perhaps you and your business need something completely different.

Moose is a social media agency with a focus on providing a bespoke service. We’re not offering a set number of tweets or Facebook posts a day, for a fixed sum. Yes, we do have packages for guidance, but Moose is not a one-sized fits all agency.

We look at your business, your audience, your goals as a starting point. It could be that we start you off with a basic Martini: helping you set-up a Facebook page for example. Or, we could be managing multiple campaigns across multiple social networks: imagine sparklers, straws and at least one cocktail umbrella!

Licensed To Thrill

Moose is obsessed with quality content. We know the power of the written word. From ensuring that your social media output is relevant and engaging to curating content just for you; quality is Moose Bond’s middle name.

Moose knows what content works on every social network. We know the tips and tricks to help you achieve your social media goals.

Surely it makes sense now. Moose definitely has the credentials to be the next Bond?

Surely it makes sense now. Moose definitely has the credentials to be the next Bond?

Looks Good In A Suit

Come on…… You know it makes sense.

If you are finding that your social media posts remain For Your Eyes Only, Moose can erase the SPECTRE of poorly performing social & provide more than a Quantum of Solace.  Your business will soon find that when it comes to social media the reach The World is Not Enough!

Wherever you are right now on your social media journey, we can help. Get in touch and we’ll talk it through. You’ll find us on 01200 400 121 or drop us an email to info@moosemediamanagement.com

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