What’s Your #Glitch? World Mental Health Day 2016

It’s World Mental Health Day today.

A subject close to Moose’s heart (is that possible, if it’s mental health?) The hashtag for awareness today is #glitch but we want to challenge you.

Look at all the press today and look at the imagery used to depict mental health. Count up the heads in hands, the black & white & the bleak, the misty eyed and tearful. Count them up, then consider the size of the challenge ahead. Chances are these articles are written by Mental Health champions with positive stories to share, but the headlines & images don’t depict that.

Not every image depicting mental health needs to be in black & white, with heads in hands.  Mental Health is complex, let’s not stigmatise it further through negative imagery

So for today Moose is going to share happy, caring images around the subject. You know:

… people who have anxiety & depression, schizophrenia or dementia sometimes have fun with their friends too!

Surely that’s not too difficult a concept to get our heads around?

So when it comes to mental health our rallying call is this: Challenge the stereotype, be unafraid, speak out, speak-up & let’s talk!


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