Monday Moose 23: Are you a farmer or a hunter? Do you even Yoga?

Find your inner social strength

Find your inner social strength

Monday Moose 23 brings you some social media strategy with an overview about how best to approach your content.  Are you a hunter or a farmer?  Whilst hunting may seem more fun, as a species we only began to thrive once we learned how to farm.  It’s the same in business and the same in social media strategy. Play the longer game, cultivate rather than prey on your audience and your social content will thrive.

I’m particularly delighted to introduce you to Debs from Soul Harmony Yoga.  She is one of our social media management clients but most importantly she has a great story to tell as she begins an exciting journey.  Tune in to find out more, but we think it will be well worth following Debs over future months.

As a special treat – this week we have a Monday Moose EXTRA lined up for you – on a Tuesday!! Crazy I know, but we thought you may feel a little hard done by with Monday Moose 22 falling on stoney ground so we are bringing you a bonus addition this week.  Look out for it from tomorrow evening (8th November 2016)

So enjoy and please please tune-in to Debs and Soul Harmony Yoga – we are going to miss her – BON VOYAGE

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