Monday Moose 27- Is a Moose name change afoot as we get stuck with our face in a reindeer? Plus social media stuff!

Monday Moose shoots the social media breeze with guests & current affairs plus a unique Moose spin on the world. This week we talk awards & tackling reindeer plus is this the end of Moose as we know it???


Sarah is back to talk all things Moose and content marketing and hastaggery!.  We have a grumble as is normal but all with a smile on our face – if you can distinguish them from those of a reindeer?

But the big news?  A forced name change on the cards?  Can it be true?

Tune in to see. Or check here

It’s nearly Christmas so this is our last non-festive edition before we make it rain (or should that be snow) social media Christmas confetti next week.


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