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We have been working with Moose Media Management for over a year now and we can honestly say that we have seen a significant increase in the footfall to our company and this in turn has increased our public image and our brand recognition.
Our work is based in the very emotive area of child safety in cars and so keeping ahead of the news and preventing confusion to parents is vital. We have found that Moose have been great in responding quickly to our demands to be the first to send information via social media. This in turn has seen a substantial increase in followers and our clients are fully aware of the powerful role we can now play in their promotion as well.

In October 2016, we sent Moose a simple photo of an inappropriate child car seat from an event we were attending. Within 48 hours we had over ¾ million views and 1000’s of comments and requests for advice with parent’s precious cargo. This wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for the team at Moose and their skills to know how best to engage with our customers. They also immediately set up a series of follow up messages that offered advice, so that all our new likes and followers weren’t lost and this brought more people to our brand.

Since using Moose we have become the 14th most influential safety brand in the UK, which is amazing for such a small company, who were ranked higher than most of the big brand car seat manufacturers.

Working with Moose has been a pleasure and a breath of fresh air, as they looked at new opportunities and challenged the way we were doing this to our benefit. As we go forward into the next year we are confident that we can continue to build Child Seat Safety Ltd and know that we’ll continue using Moose to help us grow our client base and engage with our social media followers.

Julie Dagnall
Child Seat Safety Ltd

Child Seat Safety

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