Soul Harmony Yoga

I’ve been working with Moose media now for over 4 months. I needed some help in transitioning over from a Face to face Yoga Business to an Online Business. After an initial meeting it was pretty clear I needed support to grown my social media profile and fast. I also needed this help whilst moving both myself, family and my business over to Australia.

Moose Media gave me a clear strategy of how this was going to happen and as I moved from one side of the world to the other they not only kept on top of my postings, they increased my social media followings, for example my twitter account from 350 to 2599 in 4.5 months. They kept a close eye on something that I did not have the time for.

I have learnt so much whilst working with them and after such a short period of time feel more confident about working with social media. Moose have helped me enormously with gaining clarity on my brand and what the essence of the company really is. I’m even using Facebook Live videos, periscope and have a much greater interaction with my followers which is growing my social media following even more.

They have been available for me throughout the whole time and correspondence was regular and they’ve always answered my questions. I found their approach to be creative and innovative, particularly our trip round Lancashire taking photos of me doing yoga poses on Pendle Hill and Blackpool Tower.

I can highly recommend Moose Media and want to thank both Claire and Graham has all the work done for me over the last few months.

Debs Fawcett
Managing Director
Soul Harmony Yoga
Perth, Australia


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