Why Your Business Needs A Bed Ferret, Right Now?

Don’t Fear the Bed Ferrets

There’s always a weird and wonderful conversation going on at Moose Towers.  It’s how we operate, and we believe that our best ideas come from the random yet insightful musings that emerge from our chats with our colleagues, clients, visitors (and occasional ferrets) to the office.

Graham, Chief Moose, is a particular culprit for starting these conversations.  He will claim that his offerings are as a result from a prior conversation with his young children, George and Freddie, but we’re not so sure they start it…  take for example the story of the bed ferrets.

Mooselet George with Nibble and Scribble!

Apparently, four year old mini-moose, George, loves to seek out bed ferrets at night time, and draws upon the services of his beloved teddies – Nibble and Scribble – to keep the bed ferrets at bay from biting him in his sleep!  George is so obsessed with bed ferrets, that when Dad showed him the new website for Moose Media Management, his first question was, “Why isn’t there a bed ferret on there?”

Graham immediately pondered this decision, and got on the phone to our Head Creative, Adam, and insisted he add the image of a bed ferret to the Moose home page.  It tells you a lot about the team we have working with us here at Moose HQ, in the fact that Adam didn’t even question what this was and just said, “Sure!” (Check out our ‘bed-ferret’ on our home page!)

Why are we telling you this? 

Social media should be what it professes to be in the name – social.  It should be a two-way dialogue, or a conversation if you prefer, and it should focus on gaining an input as well just producing output for the sake of content.

So, what we’re saying is, every business should have a bank of bed ferrets; conversation points that you can put out there to get your existing and potential clients and customers talking, wondering, questioning, interacting…  Draw people into what you do with some kind of hook, and build a two-way relationship rather than promoting a one-way sales pitch.  It’s the same with social media out in the ‘real world’, such as with networking.  Stand out, put forward something of interest, and get people to ask questions. 

Does the concept of adopting bed ferrets worry you?  If so, Moose Media Management are definitely the right people to give your business, service or product the edge you require to ensure that we can really put the ‘return’ into your return on investment.

George always asks Graham if bed ferrets are real.  They’re not, but the conversation you are having with your clients and customers certainly should be, and like the ones in George’s imagination, your bed ferrets should definitely bite!

In reading this blog, you probably have a lot of questions yourselves, but doesn’t that just prove our point about making your content engaging and two-way?

Sweet dreams.  When you wake up, give us a call or get in touch on whatever channel takes your fancy!

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Jo is Moose’s resident Copywriter and Blogger. Jo honed her craft through years of teaching and gaining a reputation for addiction to red-penning other people’s work.  If you’re clueless about copy, she’s all that. Jo has her own company agoodwrite (see her blog about Hollywood working) but can be found round Moose Towers whenever she needs a dose of insanity to pep things up.

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