Hooray For Hollywood! Is Your Business Embracing Hollywood Working?

You may have noticed that the herd at Moose has been spending a little bit of time recently referencing the world of Hollywood, making links in our material to Oscar-worthy films, stand-out roles, and the all-round glitz and glamour of a cracking theme-tune uploaded to our office playlist. 

We have taken to moosing about in this way because it very much ‘fits’ with who we are and how we operate here at Moose HQ.  We have a ‘Hollywood’ style of working here (yes, in Blackburn!).  This means that we know exactly who’s who in town, and know precisely who we’re gunna call when we want something epic creating for one of our clients’ blockbuster campaigns.

Not every social media campaign is the same, and, in fact, they are as unique as the products and services our clients have on offer, so every campaign needs something special and unique in return. 

We pull together the right people for each occasion to ensure that our campaigns shine as brightly as the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Click To Tweet(albeit without people standing all over them).

Our herd comprises more than just the usual suspects when it comes to the line-up we pull together to create our bespoke campaigns.  We have talent we can draw on from long-form content writers to film production specialists and social media sharing impresarios.  We select the right people for your needs, your campaign and your organisation – essentially getting the balance right to avoid any un-necessary diva-like strops mid production! 

Let Us Get Hollywood On Y’all

We may not be basking in Californian sunshine here at Moose Towers, but we are nonetheless awash with praise and glory from our past and present clients and award collection that deem us as the best in the business for award-winning social media management.  Check out our testimonials page to see for yourself, and let us know if we can add some showbiz to your services!

In writing this post, Jo would like to thank Chief Moose, Graham, for his inspiration, direction and… *struggles to think of final words through the obligatory flow of tears…*

PS: This is one of the videos that started our social Hollywood obsession, there’s many more out there… (Ed)

Jo is Moose’s resident Copywriter and Blogger. Jo honed her craft through years of teaching and gaining a reputation for addiction to red-penning other people’s work.  If you’re clueless about copy, she’s all that. Jo has her own company agoodwrite but can be found round Moose Towers whenever she needs a dose of insanity to pep things up.

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